Improving clinical care through microlearning

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Microlearning for staff at two of Papua New Guinea's leading hospitals

Kumul Helt Skul is a program transforming the way professional development is delivered in two major hospitals in Papua New Guinea.

Staff at ANGAU Memorial Hospital and Port Moresby General Hospital can now access job-embedded training on the go, via a web application on their mobile phone.

The program is part of the ongoing ANGAU Memorial Hospital Redevelopment project, and is designed to provide engaging, flexible learning to improve quality of care.

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Catalpa developed the flexible skills training experience using Bero (our mobile learning platform) and co-designed content in partnership with health experts.

The platform benefits from Bero’s microlearning design which puts great focus on maintaining user engagement and ensuring suitability for the learners’ context - in this case, large hospitals and healthcare professionals with already stacked schedules.

Courses cover topics useful for health workers, clinical staff, and support and admin staff including infection prevention control, birthing, operating theatres, and emergency department.

The app integrates design elements from Papua New Guinean culture and learning activities contextualised to day-to-day work for relevance and understanding.

Users can download courses to continue learning offline, providing greater flexibility given the limited connectivity in Lae and the country more broadly.

Read more about the program and and the findings of an independent evaluation in The Lancet Regional Health - Western Pacific journal.

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