Improving clinical care through microlearning

map-markerPapua New Guinea

Microlearning for staff at two of Papua New Guinea's leading hospitals

The Clinical Support Program (II) is transforming the way professional development is done in two major hospitals in Papua New Guinea.

As part of the ongoing ANGAU Memorial Hospital Redevelopment project, how staff are trained at this - and other - hospitals has been reimagined in a way that harnesses the power of digital tools.

Working in partnership with hospital staff and health experts, we developed Kumul Helt Skul, an app that provides job-embedded professional development training for hospital staff to improve quality of care.

Powered by our mobile learning platform, Bero, the app involves short courses that cover a range of topics useful for health workers, clinical staff, and support and admin staff.

Modules available on Kumul Helt Skul include infection prevention control, birthing, operating theatres, emergency department, and intensive care.

Three different Kumul Helt Skul app screens

Training activities featured in the app are embedded in jobs to ensure that the learning experience is contextualised to the problems staff actually face day-to-day.

To further ensure that the learning experience is fit-for-purpose, we are working collaboratively with content creators and a range of stakeholders at the hospital in the co-design of the courses.

The app's visual language has been designed to represent and celebrate Papua New Guinean heritage and culture.

It also works offline once users have downloaded courses, meaning that they can complete the training anywhere and at any time!

This was an especially important consideration due to the limited connectivity in Lae and in the country more broadly.

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