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Using design thinking, agile processes and digital technology for social impact

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We partner with governments and organisations to strengthen service delivery, enhance oversight, and implement systems to improve the lives of people and communities.

Catalpa International is a not-for-profit development organisation leading the sector in digital impact and digitally-enabled programs across the Asia Pacific region.

We empower governments and organisations to make informed decisions and improve service delivery across complex systems and sectors including health, education and skills training, social protection, governance, infrastructure, agriculture, and justice.

With deep experience in international development practice, digital transformation, and software development, we’re bringing together the skills needed to create meaningful impact in a modern, digitised, interconnected world.

Papua New Guinea
Increasing impact of rural development projects

An integrated project and District Information Management System managing projects worth A$650 million annually.

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Papua New Guinea
Improving quality of care in resource-limited hospitals

An independently validated approach to delivering continuous learning to healthcare professionals in two PNG hospitals.

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A ‘game-changing’ Aid Information Management System

Supporting more effective policy making, government planning, and better decision making for donors through the transparent monitoring of more than US$17.4 billion.

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Collaborative problem solving

Listening, co-designing and iterating are central to Catalpa’s approach. We are committed to understanding the needs of the people we serve, and working with them to implement solutions that are effective and sustainable.

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