Roadways for national growth

Governance and Transparency

Better access to schools, healthcare and jobs through improved road management and planning

Roads make a difference in people's lives

Building and maintaining roads leads to increased economic activity and employment, better access to agricultural land, markets, schools, health centres and other services, as well as reductions in travel times and costs.

With no systematic approach to collecting data on the status of roads, or systems to manage road assets, the Timor-Leste Government recognised their limited ability to effectively plan, budget and maintain its significant road investments.

The Estrada program set about creating a strategic and systematic process of managing, operating, maintaining, and improving physical assets, with a focus on both engineering and economic analysis.


An integrated RAMS accessible by mobile app

The Estrada Roads Asset Management System (RAMS) facilitates the collection and analysis of an extensive set of data about road conditions, and has created an important tool to allow the Government of Timor-Leste to budget and plan its road maintenance priorities.

Built as an online application, the Estrada RAMS platform provides centralised data, accessible from anywhere without the need for software installation. This means simplified collaboration among stakeholders, allowing municipal offices and teams in the field to easily report on emergency interventions, as well as annual monitoring of road conditions.

The Estrada RAMS was designed with the objective to achieve and sustain good condition over the asset lifecycle at a minimum practicable cost.

Integrated modules for full project oversight

Designed and built to be a sustainable, centralised platform, Estrada has integrated multiple processes and workflows across 4 modules to strengthen the Ministry of Public Work’s oversight and monitoring of its road assets. Teams can manage multifunctional workflows, and collaborate on projects aligned to agreed road network priorities.

The road asset management module is the backbone of the system, allowing the Ministry of Planning to store and access data on roads and related assets.

The reporting module provides reports on the road network performance, structural conditions, and the financial and physical progress of contracts. It is simple to use and offers one-click updated reporting

The planning and budgeting module supports the planning activities for roads’ works and prudent management of funds over the asset lifecycle.

The contract management module manages approved project plans and enables the Ministry of Planning to record and track information about projects, tenders and contracts.


Support was provided by VicRoads, an Australian Government department with 30 years experience working internationally to help implement best practice road transport solutions.

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